Sunil Bastian

The politics of foreign Aid in Sri Lanka

The politics of foreign Aid in Sri Lanka(2007) Politics of foreign aid in Sri Lanka, Promoting markets and supporting peace. Colombo: International Centre for Ethnic Studies.

This study was made possible through a research grant form NORAD - the Norwegian Agency for Development cooperation - to the International Centre for Ethnic studies (ICES). The project took much longer than originally expected. However NORAD was patient and supportive of the project despite this delay. I would like to express my gratitude to NORAD for the understanding that they have shown. Ms. Tharanaga de Silva, administrator at ICES, and Mr. S. Varatharajan, financial controller at ICES, were intermediaries between myself and NORAD. They took care of all the difficulties that a delayed project faces with a funding agency. My thanks to them and I hope that they will not have many such experiences in the future. My wife, Nicky, copyedited the book and meticulously went through all the sentences, commas, footnotes, tables, graphs, quotations, etc. Therefore the final text is a product of her efforts as well, although the responsibility of the opinions expressed is mine. It would have been difficult for me to complete this work without her. I would like to thank her for all the effort. Finally, inquisitive questions about the work we were doing from our ten year old daughter, Sam, who wants to be a writer, kept us entertained. 

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